Adopt NY is a league of rescue groups working to make New York No Kill. We provide a large-scale support network for 50 rescue groups (and counting) through this website ( which currently features over 2,000 adoptable dogs and cats.

By holding large-scale adoption events in and around NYC, we’ve been able to introduce many New Yorkers to their newest furry family members. Our Facebook page ( grows by over 150 new supporters per week, and we use this platform to promote those thousands of animals listed on our website and the rescues that shelter them. We intend to show people that there is nothing quite like the lifelong bond you form when you save a life and adopt an animal.


Participating Rescue Organizations:

Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Adopt A Boxer, All Sentient Beings, Amsterdog Rescue, Anarchy Animal Rescue, Anjellicle Cats Rescue, Bobbi and the Strays, Bruised Not Broken, Bully Project, Dog Habitat Rescue, Forgotten Friends of Long Island, Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue, Kent Animal Shelter, Long Island Bulldog Rescue, NY Pet I Care, Posh Pets Rescue, Project Pet, Inc., Ready for Rescue, Rebound Hounds ResQ, Red Hook Dog Rescue, Reefuge Animal Rescue, Rescuzilla, Ruff House Rescue, Ruff Start Rescue, Sean Casey Rescue, Second Chance Rescue, Select A Rescue, Social Tees Animal Rescue, Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, Unwanted NYC Pets, Waggin Train Rescue, Yonkers Animal Shelter, Zani’s Furry Friends.

Adopt NY

is a volunteer-run organization working to make New York No Kill. One of our many strategies is a network of 45 NY rescue groups (and counting). We promote their animals through Facebook and this website, which currently features over 2,000 adoptable dogs and cats.