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Have you ever come across deep carpet stains that you can’t seem to get rid of? I’ve had my share of frustrations because I always have guests coming over and my dining table is placed on a carpet I like very much. You can imagine, there are times when food and drink spilled over (yikes!) and the dog had an accident on it. Some of my guests asked me “why not put it elsewhere Lindsay?” Believe me, I’ve tried but the carpet just doesn’t blend into the other spaces in my home.

Anyway! Back to our carpet stain topic, I’d like to share with you that I found the perfect solution to my problem through Bissell SpotBot Carpet Cleaner. It’s an awesome, compact machine that cleans carpet stains really well.


Hassle-Free Cleaning!

The first thing I noticed is I don’t have to break a sweat scrubbing my stained carpet. I just have to set it over the stain and with the quick push of a button, it cleans both surface and set-in stains, large or small. I can also do manual cleaning with this machine by simply changing the pre-programmed cycle. I realized that it comes with a spiral brush which cleans effectively. Did I mention that I can just leave it on the spot and walk away to do other chore? It’s just great. (P/s: before you clean the stain, make sure you remove any solids/semi-solids on the carpet. Then, blot out excess liquid using paper towel)

A Smart Machine that Also Cleans Pet Stains

I wondered at first how much Bissell SpotBot knows about stains. Then, I discovered that it comes with an Automatic Smart System that releases just the right amount of water and cleaning solution. It also works on almost all carpet surfaces but just to be sure, I’d advise you to check the cleaning instruction that comes with your carpet. Even pet stains are handled brilliantly. As you may already know, I have a dog at home so I’d say it cleans after my dog pretty well.

A Word of Caution

The machine may not last very long. I’ve had to send it for repair once within the last 6 months because the water dispenser wouldn’t squirt and the switch mode button doesn’t work. Luckily, the machine was under warranty and since I bought it from Amazon, I referred my problem to them. I received good customer service and repair was prompt (with Square Trade warranty purchase).

Overall, a Good Purchase

William P Shea (Amazon reviewer) had this to say:
“If you have tough set in stains, or you are tired of endlessly cleaning up after your dog or your kids – then you should get this product. If you work hard to keep your place clean, treat yourself, you deserve it.”

I’d conclude that the Bissell SpotBot is a good buy. I’m spared from cleaning carpet stains and that’s a relief because it can get messy and troublesome! You can buy this machine here with free delivery. Buy now and catch a great deal!

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