Bissell Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Bissell will be the name that you would want to remember if you are a carpet junkie because it has been around for almost 140 years and is still going strong. Other companies that started with Bissell are no longer in business. This just proves how great Bissell carpet cleaners are that has enabled them to maintain such a long business life. They frequently produce new items that use the best technology available to make their user’s home look beautiful and clean all the time. Besides making top quality products, they also have a wide variety of products to choose from, suiting our different needs.

Many people trust in Bissell carpet cleaners which can be seen from the thousands of positive reviews and feedback given by their customers. Bissell products are good at what they are meant to do, cleaning carpets. I personally like their products for their specificity and the fact that they figured out exactly what we need in a carpet cleaner. The main reason why Bissell carpet cleaners are famous is most likely due to its efficiency. With Bissell, you are likely to find what you need at the most reasonable price; more affordable than some high end carpet cleaners which aren’t nearly as effective.

Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner


This is one of the best Bissell carpet cleaners. The Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner is a portable version of their other models. Being very small and lightweight, it can be easily brought around the house. It can also be used to clean your car carpet or anywhere outside your home. Its portability really sets it aside from all the other models.

It’s also battery-operated and will not need any source of power supply. This further adds to the convenience of using it. Small, light and portable, this carpet cleaner is the ultimate traveling companion. Click here for full review: Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner or see the best price here.

Bissell SpotBot Carpet Cleaner with Hands Free Technology

Bissell-SpotBot (1)

This Bissell carpet cleaner is great for the busy moms who want to clean up pet stains fast without a lot of work. Why? Well, it’s because you can just leave the Bissell SpotBot Carpet Cleaner on the stain and push a button to clean it up. It releases the right amount of water and cleaning solution with an automatic sensing technology. This SpotBot is your best friend when the incontinent pet has done an accident again and you don’t want to get out the upright carpet cleaner for just one spot.

Read the full review here: Bissell SpotBot Hands-Free Carpet Cleaner or see the best price here.

Bissell QuickSteamer Upright Deep Cleaner


The Bissell QuickSteamer Upright Deep Cleaner is a suitable carpet cleaner for those who own big carpets at home. It’s quite light for its size and is suitable for light jobs. The best part about this carpet cleaner has to be its price. For a medium sized carpet cleaner, it’s really cheap. However, don’t get your hopes too high.

This Bissell carpet cleaner works well enough, but isn’t exceptionally good. It only gets the job done properly, not perfectly. For its price though, it’s a real bargain. Go to my review: Bissell QuickSteamer Upright Deep Cleaner or see the best price here.

Bissell 2080 Quicksteamer Powerbrush Lightweight Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner


This Bissell carpet cleaner is the lightest carpet cleaner around, for its size. It’s very light making it very easy for users to use them, especially smaller sized people. It’s easy to carry around, making cleaning less tiring and easier.

Fortunately, its reduced size does not mean a reduced performance. It works just as well as other models of its size. A great choice for those who are looking for a lighter carpet cleaner that works well. Read more here: Bissell 2080 Quicksteamer Powerbrush or see the best price here.

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