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You know when sometimes you have just spilled something over your best carpet or you found that the little puppy has “done it again” on the couch, and you really hate to get out the big carpet cleaner just for one small spot, but that spot certainly must not stay until the next time you clean your carpets? I always felt that frustration until I got the Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner.Bissell-SpotLifter-2X-Portable-Deep-Carpet-Cleaner (1)

Use It Anytime, Anywhere for Quick Cleanup of Spills

This handheld carpet cleaner is cordless and battery-operated, and it is small and light, so I can easily bring it anywhere to clean up a spot, even in the car. The batteries are rechargeable, and they last for about 15 minutes of use. Yes, you read that right, the carpet cleaner can only be used for 15 minutes before the batteries need to be recharged again.

That means this Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner is not for cleaning a whole carpet, it is for specific spots only. That’s why it is called a Spotlifter. The water containers are quite small so you will have to refill and rinse them after each use. It’s tempting to wait for the container to get full before emptying it, but dirty water will spit out of the vents when it is full. So I guess I shouldn’t be lazy after all.

Great As a Car Carpet Cleaner

This spot carpet cleaner works well on my carpets, couch, and car upholstery. I’m so happy it works in the car! It’s very convenient because it is cordless and I don’t have to move my car to a place near a plug-in source, which is not always feasible. I have had all kinds of spills and stains in my car – either on the seats or on the carpets – such as chocolate, mud and even takeaway food, and they all come out easily using this carpet cleaner and the toughest stains come out with the help of a spray. I no longer use the service of a professional and guess how much money that saved me?

“I had multiple stains in my auto upholstery and figured I would need to make two jobs over two days to get the seats clean. However the Bissell made short work of the stains! It is very easy to maneuver and fill. It lifted and cleaned the stains immediately…I totally cleaned 4 car seats in less than 15 minutes.” – Ilene D.

If you want a portable, light and rechargeable carpet cleaner for cleaning up spots, get this Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner.

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