Bissell Vacuum Cleaners

American made, BISSELL vacuum cleaners were invented in 1876 when matriarch founder of the company got the idea for a carpet sweeper because she was tired of the time spent cleaning bits of sawdust from packing crates embedded in the carpeting of her and her husband’s crockery shop. Her husband designed and patented the first carpet sweeper.

It’s long history has made it one of the most reputable American company, and their vacuum cleaners are one of the most reliable in the market. Its upright vacuum cleaners is ranked among the best vacuum cleaners for its functionality and durability in terms of least major malfunctions and repairs needed.

Best Bissell Vacuum Cleaner
BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum


Pet owners like myself will know that not all vacuum cleaners are built strong, durable and powerful enough to remove dirt, debris, dander and pet hair. The BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum is one of the machines that are great for this task. The ingeniously designed large V-shaped nozzle is one of the great thing about this BISSELL vacuum cleaner that allows the machine to easily pick up larger pieces of dirt and debris other than pet hair. The nozzle also helps ensure that suction power is optimised so that you will not only be able to get deep embedded pet hair and dirt from carpeting, but also on walls and baseboards.

The only downside with this BISSELL vacuum cleaner is that it is not equipped with a HEPA filtration. It does, however, have a basic pleated circular filter that avoids particles from escaping into the air and a cyclonic action that keeps everything stays in the canister where they belong.

BISSELL CleanView Helix Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Many of my neighbors raved about the BISSELL CleanView Helix despite the many unsatisfied feedback I found on Amazon. It is one of the less expensive upright vacuum cleaners in the market. The OnePass technology does as it says – suck everything up in one go. It is also built with a handheld TurboBrush attachment so you can clean your stairs, furniture and other surfaces easily. Do take note that many users have complained that the TurboBrush’s drive belt is rather flimsy and breaks easily; made harder by the fact that there is no replacement sold so you will need to buy the whole unit.

BISSELL Total Floors Complete Bagless Upright Vacuum


The BISSELL Total Floors Complete does a fantastic job in cleaning what is necessary. The multi-surface feature makes it easier to clean your floors – it can go from hardwood to carpets to rugs. It also cleans the baseboard easily, that there is no need to use the crevice tool. This will allow you to finish your chores in no time because you will be hassling less with the brush attachments. While the handle is ergonomically designed to make prolonged use more comfortable, the vacuum cleaners is not the lightest weight around. Also, the visuals on the assembly model is very poor causing some initial confusion.

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