Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaners

I have known many homemakers turning away from a Black & Decker vacuum cleaner because they don’t look attractive. However, what they lack in looks, they made up in durability – Black & Decker have been known to make solid products that are long lasting. If you can’t live without a sleek design, no worries as the newer models these days are sleek and modern that will look at home with your other futuristic home appliances.

As many of you may have already known, Black & Decker makes mostly handheld vacuum cleaners. This means that they are fairly cheaper than many other manufacturers. You will definitely get value for your money with Black & Decker.

Best Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaner:
Black & Decker Dustbuster


One of the best Black & Decker vacuum cleaners is the Black & Decker Dustbuster which makes cleaning easy and convenient. The suction power is so good and its weight so light that this little hand vacuum topped the bestselling chart on Amazon. What’s best about it is that it is not at all expensive. You can easily catch a good deal below $50 if you watch the price.

The easy-clean filter management is popular among users and storage is not a problem as its compact enough to store away anywhere in the house. It is easy to clean out and that a fully charged battery can last a long time (remember that this is a hand vacuum, you’re not meant to vacuum the whole house with it!)

Black & Decker Platinum Flex Vacuum


What makes this hand vacuum different from other handheld vacuum cleaners is its built-in short, flexible hose which can be detached from the head so you’ll be able to reach those difficult corners.

Personally, I find this Black & Decker vacuum cleaner have the best overall cleaning performance – hard floors, carpets, upholstered furniture and car interior. Having a dog running around the house used to be a cleaning nightmare but with this Black & Decker vacuum cleaner’s motorized brush head, cleaning up her hair is a breeze.

Black & Decker 18V Pivot Vac


The Black & Decker 18V Pivot Vac has been coveted by many because it is easy to use and the battery life is long enough to complete your cleaning chores. The star of this cordless model is its 10-position pivoting nozzle which can be easily adjusted to reach the unreachable corners. There is also an integrated and extendable crevice tool. The washable filter boast a three stage filtration system which ensures dust and allergen for a cleaner atmosphere. The dirt bowl is also easily emptied and fitted back. For these features, do expect to fork out a little more money for it.

The team behind Black & Decker vacuum cleaners are known as a reliable manufacturer of high quality home appliances globally. I’m a big fan of Black & Decker because I find them easy to use, are great in quality and they are innovative to fill all the gaps of vacuum cleaner users.

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