Tips for Carpet Deep Clean

If you own a carpet, you’ll know that it takes effort to keep it in tip top condition. I own not one, but several carpets and rugs at home. Even if they are not in pastel or light colors, I get noticeable stains on them as time goes by. I used to get pretty frustrated over things until I’ve discovered that there are solutions to my seemingly huge problem.

Rather than waste money on a new carpet, I thought, “How can I deep clean my carpets effectively?”

If this question is also on your mind, then you’ve come to the right place. Here in my blog, I’ll share 4 tips on how you can (and should) deep clean your carpet to keep it in tip top condition.

1. Act Quick to Clean The Stain
How should we define “quick”? Definitely as soon as you spot the stain. Sometimes, the stain could have been there for days, weeks, months, or worse still, almost a year! Don’t leave the stain assuming it’ll fade. It won’t. If the damage is within a few hours, you stand a pretty good chance of getting it back into the spotless condition.

Pick up the semi-solid or solid left on the carpet and quickly dab the area with a clean towel paper. Then, use a suitable detergent based on the type of stain and apply it on the stain. Depending on the instructions, you may need to leave it in for a couple of minutes. While you’re at it, prepare your vacuum cleaner or carpet steamer.

2. Evaluate Carpet Material
Your carpet is made of fibers and dirt sticks on different material with different ease. Basically, you can find two types of carpet/rug material: natural (i.e. wool, cotton) and synthetic (i.e. acrylic, nylon). Wool is widely used and also resistant to stains. Cotton on the other hand, gives you a softer feel but it also dirties easily and wears out sooner than wool.

Carpet made of synthetic material is usually more suitable for high traffic areas (where people walk on most often). So if you know your carpet material, you’d be able to choose a vacuum and detergent that matches the material and stain. This is important because using the wrong tool or detergent may spoil the carpet.

3. Buy a Good Carpet Steam Cleaner

Needless to say, you need a good carpet deep cleaner. Read my product recommendations (Best Carpet Steam Cleaner and Best Carpet Cleaner). A good carpet steamer can help you get rid of the stain much easier. Imagine scrubbing the carpet repeatedly to find that the stain is still there! This won’t happen if you have a carpet vacuum for deep clean purpose.

4. Use Good Detergent / Stain Remover

I’ve mentioned above about choosing the right detergent to match the carpet material and type of stain. I’d like to emphasize that it’s important it is to pre-treat the stained area with a good solution to just help you “draw” dirt unto the surface. Then using the steam cleaner, you can easily remove the stain and dry the area.

A dirty carpet causes bad smell to linger. If you have pets or have a carpet close to your kitchen, you’ll realize that the smell is more obvious. It’s important to deep clean from time to time because if you don’t do it regularly, it’ll be harder to get rid of the dirt and smell (you need to use stronger chemical- which damages carpet in the long run).

I hope that these 4 tips for carpet deep clean have been useful. Go back to my TopVacuumCleaner main page for more vacuum cleaner reviews or go to my post here for more carpet cleaner reviews.

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