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Types of Carpet Stains and How to Clean Them

I wished someone designed stain-proof carpet. I remain hopeful (for the sake of all busy moms!) but I know this is quite unlikely because if there’s such an invention, who would need vacuums after that? For now, carpet stains are REAL. And they can be TROUBLESOME. In

Tips for Carpet Deep Clean

If you own a carpet, you’ll know that it takes effort to keep it in tip top condition. I own not one, but several carpets and rugs at home. Even if they are not in pastel or light colors, I get noticeable stains on them as time

How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaner

I choose a particular product for specific reasons. For example, when I shop for computer I look for models with good brand name, reasonable price, and excellent performance to do basic functions (email, listening to songs, and watching occasional videos). The same goes when you choose your Protection Status