Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner – Eureka 437AZ Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum

No one likes handling a heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner.

It’ll be hard to lug around and difficult to store! I bought Eureka 437AZ Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum because it claims to be lightweight, weighing around 11 pounds. I think it doesn’t weigh exactly 11 pounds, but I’m pretty happy with the overall weight. Not too heavy for me to take out and use on a daily basis.


I was also happy with the accessories included in my purchase from Amazon – it came with a dusting brush, stretch hose, crevice wand, and power paw attachment. They are really useful for reaching difficult places, cleaning stairs, and cleaning upholstery. Did I mention that it can also be used on vertical surfaces? It’s great for cleaning hidden spaces behind cupboards, racks, and shelves.

For me, the best thing about this Eureka 437AZ Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum is its versatility – it works equally well on carpets and floors.

I bought this for two reasons:

1. It has 2 in 1 Function: For Thorough and Quick Cleaning
Gone are the days where you need 2 (or more) separate vacuums just because each vacuum “specializes” in certain type of cleaning. Some vacuums are good for carpets only, while others are more suited for quick cleaning or touch-ups. TheEureka 437AZ Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum is good for both – it combines the features of an upright vacuum and a stick vacuum.

You probably already know that an upright vacuum has good suction power and impressive performance. However, it may be slightly bulky compared to a stick vacuum. On the other hand, a stick vacuum is easy to use and convenient but less powerful. Combining the best features for upright and stick gives this vacuum an advantage over the other models.

I’ll gladly pull it out for days I feel like doing heavy cleaning around the house, or on days I just want to do a quick cleaning before guests come over.

A reviewer from Amazon (Avni) has this to say:
“I have been using this vacuum on my hardwood floors for the past 3 months. And I have only good things to say. Awesome suction, cleans my floor like a pro, compact, lightweight, bagless, and priced just right”.

2. Good Filtration with HEPA Filter
I already mentioned in my post (5 Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner) that good filtration is very important when choosing the right vacuum. It’s especially important for me because my son’s breathing gets irritated real easily when the house is not rid of allergens. This vacuum comes with HEPA filter which pleases me a lot.

But, there are drawbacks even for the best machines. These drawbacks are not a big problem for me; I think I can live with it.

1. Vacuum Filter and Dust Container Needs To Be Cleaned Frequently
To maintain the strong suction power, I find that I have to clean the cylinder and filter after every 2-3 uses. This can be quite troublesome because I need to use gloves to remove the dirt and hair. I wish there is a better and less messy way to do this.

2. Noisy
The Eureka 437AZ Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum can be quite noisy compared to the other models I’ve used previously. However, it’s something I can bear with because it doesn’t bother anyone else (I’ll usually vacuum when no one else is around).

You can get this from Amazon now for less than $75. If you buy now, you’ll also get to save $10.97. You can also check out the used and refurbished models at a lower price. Buy NOW and experience the benefits of this vacuum for yourself.

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