Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister

Without doubt, the Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister is one of the easiest to recommend vacuum cleaners available in the market. This is because the vacuum cleaner gets a lot of positive reviews from current owners.


Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister

Bagged traditionally
The Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister is a traditional disposable bagged vacuum cleaner. The great thing about this is that you can throw the bag away once it is full and disposing it is easy without making any mess. The only problem with this is that you need to buy bags for the vacuum cleaner from time to time.

With its High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, you can be rest assured that the vacuum cleaner will remove 99.97{8938b86d4c6ba6c3a2d8b9b13ff2d8152b0bc10c3dc7e2491988460c3f47b1de} of any for of allergen (be it dust, mites or pollen). This means that if you suffer from any type of airborne induced allergy, it is best to get a vacuum cleaner that utilizes a HEPA filter, like this model does. The filter works by taking all surrounding air through the HEPA filter and trap all allergens before sending it back out into its surrounding environment.

Funky features
Like all newer Hoover vacuum cleaner models, the Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister uses the Hoover Windtunnel Technology which lifts and traps particles efficiently without the risk of having the machine coughing out all the dirt and dust out again. The controls are illuminated fingertips controls where you can turn the vacuum cleaner on/off and set it to one of its two different speed settings. It will also let you know when it should get a fresh bag.

Weighing less than 12lbs, the vacuum cleaner has a 14 inch wide nozzle and automatic height adjustment so that you can vacuum faster and easier. It also have been accessorized with an extra canister with a carrying strap and a 25 foot cord. This is where the brush and crevice attachments are kept.

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