Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners – Are They For You?

Are you in the hunt for a brand new vacuum cleaner? If you are, you may want to check out the variety of products in the Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners line. As someone who is surrounded by home appliances, I can vouch that this Japanese brand is one of the best and has made some of the most wonderful vacuum cleaners that give value for your money.

Panasonic vacuum cleaners are equipped with a range of cleaning accessories that give you the ability to access and clean every nook in your home. Panasonic’s canister vacuum cleaners offer onboard accessory storage so that you can easily switch between cleaning heads. As a mom, I find this handy because it allows me to spend less time with my chores and more time with the kids.

While they come in different sizes, these vacuum cleaners are lighter and compact than most models which makes them easy to maneuver around and store. This makes them great for people who have health problems or have a lack of storage space.

For those who are on a tight budget, Panasonic offers vacuum cleaners that are affordable for many households. Panasonic vacuum cleaners are not exactly the best performers, but unless you can afford a more expensive model, you’ll be happy to know that they are reliable, have long lifespan and their cleaning powers are more than what you can expect for their price.

Here are some of my top picks:

Best Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner:
Panasonic MC-UL915 “Jet Force” Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


The Panasonic MC-UL915 “Jet Force” Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is great to clean pet hair, short carpets and hardwood floors. The unit has washable dust cups and chambers, a detachable telescoping wand, a pet hair turbine brush and a great dirt sensor that will let you know if your floor or carpets are thoroughly cleaned.

For its low price, this vacuum cleaner has solid cleaning performance that is enhanced by the barrel of attachments. Many of its owner on Amazon also reported how amazing this vacuum cleaner is! It has been touted as the “best vacuum cleaner I own.”

The only drawback that I could think of is that it can be difficult to maneuver and that there is a limited warranty on labor and parts. However, I like this the most because it’s the perfect combination of high-end features at an affordable price.

Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum Cleaner


What I like most about the Panasonic MC-CG902 is that it’s easy to operate – the on/off switch and on/off bare-floor selection are easily accessible on the closed-loop handle. It is also a light equipment so portability is not an issue.

The vacuum cleaner’s sleek handle rotates freely 90 degrees makes it easy to maneuver. However, it was designed in a way that is not friendly for left-handed people.

Panasonic MC-CG467 Multi-Surface Canister Vacuum Cleaner


For something that will work well on both floors and carpets, you’ll like the Panasonic MC-CG467 Multi-Surface Lightweight Canister Vacuum Cleaner which works well even at the lowest power setting. This is also one of those vacuum cleaners that I’ve found to not be obtrusively loud. Storage, however, can be a pain since the stick hose is not flexible for minimal storage.

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