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Some people love bagged vacuum cleaners for a couple of reasons: the bag carries more dust than a dust cup and replacing a bag is less messy than emptying a dust cup. However, you know that replacing vacuum bags can amount to a lot of money in the long run, and it can be so frustrating when in the middle of a vigorous cleaning, the bag is too full and you find that you’ve run out of replacement bags (had that happen to me once all due to my forgetfulness).

With bagless vacuum cleaners, sure, you would have to empty out that yucky dust cup, and might even have to do this unpleasant chore more than once in a vacuuming session, but nowadays the best bagless vacuum cleaners designed their dust cups to be really easy to empty. Look for one that removes entirely from the vacuum cleaner and can be washed. If your house collects very fine dust, just make sure you empty the dust cup outdoors!

Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Stick Vacuum


This is one of my favorite stick vacuum which is bagless. This Hoover is lightweight and compact, but don’t think it’s only good for spills; it can actually be used for cleaning just about anything! I have used it for my carpets and throws, couch, hardwood floor and the tiles in the bathroom (after cutting my kid’s hair).

This bagless stick vacuum is so compact that you can stash it out of sight wherever you want, even hang it up on a wall or behind the door; it’s so light! The dust cup could be a bit small if you want to do whole house cleaning though, so for that you might want to look at the WindTunnel.

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Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Upright Vacuum


This is one of the best upright vacuum cleaners I’ve ever seen. It works for hardwood floors and carpets alike. The suction is very good so all the dirt and pet hair get sucks up quickly. No blowing around on hard floors! For carpets the height can be adjusted easily. You can even use it to suck fur off the couch.

This bagless vacuum is quite light so I think nobody can have a problem maneuvering it. Another great thing about this vacuum is the washable filter. Well, that’s one less thing to replace and one less cost. If there is anything to complain, it’s that the brushroll cannot be shut off.

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Bissell CleanView with OnePass


Now this is a very decent bagless upright vacuum cleaner for a very decent price. Only $80! The build is not top range quality, of course, but not too cheap either. The suction is good (though I can’t say the cyclone action is impressive) and it comes with all the attachments needed. Besides being bagless, it also has washable filters so you can seriously save some money with this vacuum cleaner!

Whether you have bare floors or different types of carpets, this vacuum will work. The maneuverability is quite good. Overall a good value for money!

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