Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

There’s got to be more than one vacuum in the house if you have children and pets, and one very handy vacuum is a handheld vacuum. As things get spilled and crumbs scattered on the couch, you won’t want to lug out the upright vacuum just to suck up the mess. So a handheld it is!

I actually have more than one handheld vacuum cleaner in my house, and I put them upstairs and downstairs so I don’t have to go looking for them when the need arises. The handheld vacuum is also very good for dusting the staircase where an upright or a canister feels awkward.

Choosing a handheld vacuum cleaner is not difficult at all. The most important things to look at are the weight, the length of the cord or better still cordless, decent suction and priced lower than $50 because it is a spare vacuum. Here are some of the best performing and bestselling handheld vacuum cleaners:

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster Cordless Hand Vacuum


I’m sure you’ve heard of people talking about their wonderful dustbuster, and so this is it! This is THE dustbuster all of them were going on about. This super lightweight cordless vacuum is something you can grab and aim at messes you don’t want to see, and just suck it all up with the great suction power it has.

In fact this little vacuum is so good that you’d be tempted to use it for all your vacuuming needs, but listen to me, just don’t. It is only a handheld vacuum after all, not a full size!

Eureka EasyClean Hand-Held Vacuum


The EasyClean is another hand held vacuum which is good value for the money. For a $40 vacuum, this one has a nice feature that lets you vacuum vertically as well, which is perfect for those stairs with carpeting! It takes out cat hair from the furniture, and the brush helps in getting dirt out. The filter works great, the bin empties without a lot of fuss, and basically this is just one easy-to-use handheld vacuum!

If there is anything to pick at, maybe it is just a tiny bit heavier than the Dustbuster, so if you’re working at a long flight of stairs it could be just a little bit tiring for the arms.

Read the full review here.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum


If you are looking for a budget handheld vacuum just for getting pet hair off the furniture or upholstery, definitely go for this Pet Hair Eraser. If you have a long haired dog like mine, you’d know how it is when the dog has finished lying on it. This vacuum is great for getting out all the hair, and it doesn’t have spinning brushes so no hair will get tangled up at the front and interfere with the suction. It has a rubber attachment instead.

This is not a good vacuum for hardwood or tiled floors though, because the exhaust tend to blow the dirt or crumbs around. Read the full review here.

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