Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners

If you have three kids and a long haired dog, it doesn’t suffice to vacuum once a day to keep everything clean. In fact, you may have to take out the vacuum more than you think, for those toast crumbs under the breakfast table, for the sand and dirt the boys brought in with their dirty feet, for the couch after the dog has slept in it, and even in corners where the dog food has scattered when you turned your back for a second.

Indeed, it is hectic for a mum who wants the house to be as clean as possible at all times, but a stick vacuum cleaner will help matters a lot, because it is lightweight (who wants to drag out a heavy vacuum every time for a spill?), compact (easy to store practically anywhere) and preferably cordless (saves a few seconds struggling with the cord).

Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


This is the perfect stick vacuum cleaner if there was ever one. The Hoover Linx is not only great for hard floors, it sucks dirt off carpets really well too. The brushroll turns on and off as you wish, and you can be sure it will get that lone dust bunny hiding in the very corner without you having to nudge it out with your foot.

As it is cordless, you would never have to unwind long cords and have it lying in your way as you vacuum. Just check the battery indicator which is very useful to let you know when to charge the vacuum again. One thing somebody has helpfully pointed out is that you shouldn’t leave the battery in the charger after it has fully charged, or you will risk it with a shorter life. Just pop it back into the vacuum and the charge keeps well.

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Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum


For people who have all hard floors or hardwood, you might not want a stick vacuum with a brush that might create scratches. This hard floor vacuum is the right one for you. It has a plastic strip in place of a brush, which works great to move all the dirt towards the suction. Speaking of suction, it sucks wonderfully! The V-shape also helps in this matter, surprisingly.

This stick vacuum cleaner actually cleans up pet hair better than many upright vacuums, and it catches hair from around the furniture legs and room corners. “Wow” is understating it for a vacuum less than $50.

Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik


Nobody would pass up the chance of trying out a $20 vacuum cleaner, especially if it is just a secondary or spare vacuum. This Simpli-stik vacuum cleaner is simple enough and works just nice for those occasional messes. It even turns into a handheld vacuum if you want! Just detach the stick handle.

This stick vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and although the build isn’t what you would call quality, it does look as if it will give value for money.

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