Vacuum Cleaner Best Buy – Bissell 3106A Featherweight Lightweight Vacuum

I own a dog, a Labrador retriever and she sheds hair consistently throughout the year. Using the Bissell 3106A Featherweight Lightweight Vacuum, pet hair doesn’t bother me much. I’ll just take it out from my closet and work it on the different areas in my house.

Since my closet is really small, I like the fact that this vacuum fits in nicely without taking too much space. It’s light and easy to assemble.

Bissell 3106A Featherweight Lightweight Vacuum

Simple and Efficient
If you are looking for a simple yet efficient vacuum, then this is the one. I bought the Bissell 3106A Featherweight Lightweight Vacuum mainly to do light chores, for example cleaning kitchen floor after a cookout session with my friends. I will also pull it out to clean my family hall and bedroom.

Cheap and It’s a Pretty Good Buy
For less than $25, you get a vacuum that works really well on floors. You can even convert it to a handheld vacuum when you take the vacuum head off. In my experience, it doesn’t break down easily. This surprised me because I expected lesser performance, given the price. I know of other more expensive models but they are not as durable as this. When the time comes for you to discard it, you won’t feel much regret.

A Few Snags…
Although my first impression of this vacuum was awesome, I eventually had difficulty with some of its functions. The first time I used it to clean up kitchen mess, it picked up larger objects poorly. My other vacuum can pick up objects with no difficulty. I’d suggest taking the vacuum head off if you want to clean up big mess.

It claims to work on carpets, floors, upholstery, draperies, and stairs but I don’t think so. It performed superbly on floors but not so on carpets. If you want to use this frequently for carpets, you may want to consider other vacuums. It’s not very easy to push around plus it doesn’t pick up dust and hair as well on carpet surface.

The cord is too short for my liking. I really appreciate longer cords so that I can use it in my house without having to unplug and plug it in different sockets every time. The dust filter is also quite weak- it doesn’t filter as well as the higher end vacuums. That’s why it’s really cheap I guess.

In General, I Would Recommend It for Easy Cleaning
Use the Bissell 3106A Featherweight Lightweight Vacuum for occasional clean ups and for in-between house maintenance. For the awesome price, it’s hard to find another vacuum that does a better job. But, this isn’t suited for thorough cleaning because it doesn’t work well on carpets plus it has a weak filtration system.

I like it because it’s cheap. You can get a good deal from Amazon.

Check out the savings you can get when you buy this from Amazon NOW. You can also get details about this vacuum and find out what other reviewers think. Also, check out my 5 Tips How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner or go back to my TopVacuumCleaner main page.

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