4 Safety Tips When You Use Vacuum Cleaner

Product safety is very important to me because I’ve accidentally used a defect appliance and hurt myself (it was an iron, by the way). Thankfully, it wasn’t serious. Since then, I learned that I need to practice better safety measures whenever I use ANY household appliance. You may think “how can a vacuum cleaner possibly be dangerous?” Well sadly, it can. And prevention is always better than cure!

Many people don’t realize that careless use of vacuum cleaner can actually cause safety problems. For example, using vacuum too close to a water source or wet surface can cause short circuit to the item, causing electric shock. Of course, most vacuums are equipped with safety features but I’m sure you’d agree with me that it helps to play a preventive role on our part.

Here, I’d like to share 4 safety tips when you use vacuum cleaner:

1. Keep children and pets away

Regardless of whether your vacuum comes with a cord or not, you should always switch it off when you are not using. If your pets are curious by nature, I’d suggest that you keep them out of the room/outside until you finish vacuuming. They may just tug the cord or knock the vacuum over and get hurt.

Also, keep small children away while you vacuum and NEVER leave a vacuum switched on unattended. Children are a curious bunch and they may just stick their hands into the power nozzle.

2. Wear slippers while you vacuum

Sometimes, moving the vacuum around too quickly can be dangerous. Take time to clean and push the vacuum properly. There’s a chance that your toe can get stuck in the nozzle because the carpet is lifted as you vacuum in a hurry.

3. Beware of loops and kinks

One of the most common injuries is tripping over vacuum cord. Loop the wires properly before you keep it away. And when you take it out, make sure that there are minimal kinks and it’s not tangled. This is especially important if you vacuum when there are other people around. Also, avoid sharp corners because they may cut into the cord and don’t overstretch the cord.

4. Don’t attempt to pick up large objects

If you force your vacuum to pick up large objects (especially metal ones), you’ll spoil the fan or motor. It’s just not worth it because repair can be costly, not to mention that it’s dangerous. It helps to remember that the function of a vacuum is to pick up small particles/objects/things that you cannot see or pick it up yourself.

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