4 Ways to Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner in Tip Top Condition

I’d like to share a secret with you- do you know that you save A LOT of money if you can just extend the use of say, half of your household appliances? Repairs and replacements need money. I’ve used up quite a lot of money just to fix my microwave oven, shower heater, cooking stove, television (and the list goes on…). Same goes for my vacuum cleaners. It was not until sometime later that I learned from a friend how to keep them in tip top condition, with some simple and easy-to-do steps. I’ll share those steps with you right here.

Here are the steps to maintain your vacuum cleaner:

(1) Take Time to Clean Debris and Dirt off the Roller Brush

I like to pay attention to the roller brush because if it’s filled with dirt, my vacuum cannot work well. The roller brush takes debris and dirt off the floor/carpet. It’s quite easy to clean actually. Usually, I’d use a sharp scissor to take out clumps of hair or dirt. After that I use a damp sponge to clean the brush. Voila! It’s as good as new again.

(2) Replace Vacuum Cleaner Bags Every 2 Months

I make it a point to change my cleaner bags every 2 months once (depending on your usage, you can change it every month). Cleaner bags hold dust and debris. When I replace the bags, I sometimes add baking soda or powder beans into the bag. It helps prevent foul odor plus I get a whiff of sweet aroma whenever I vacuum!

(3) Dust the Inside of Your Vacuum

Yes, not only your floor needs dusting, the inside of your vacuum must be kept clean because that’s where all the debris and allergen from your house is trapped in. You can also use a wet cloth to wipe the inside of the vacuum.

(4) Replace Belts and Filter Every 6 Months

I’ve had a bad experience with clogged filter on my vacuum. You see, my second son suffers from asthma and he’s allergic to dust. There was once he suddenly felt difficulty in breathing even though I had cleaned the house thoroughly. Then, I realized I had problem with my vacuum cleaner filter because I forgot to change it for many months. What a lesson! Clogged filter makes it hard to trap allergens. Now, I always make it a point to change my filter every 6 months. To remember, I mark it down on the date I visit the dentist. And that’s about every 6 months.

There are some signs if your vacuum needs professional fixing. Look out for these signs:

a) Burning electrical smell

b) Poor cleaning even though all the other parts are in good working condition (bag, belt, and roller brush)

c) Machine making more noise than it usually does

d) Difficult to push machine when you vacuum

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