5 Tips How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Like all smart shoppers, I’m sure you like to know your products before you buy them. When I first started buying vacuum cleaners, I get confused! There are just too many brands in the market, and each one seems to work just fine (though I don’t understand why the price can vary quite a bit!). I wished someone had shared these tips with me before. That way, I’d save so much time and money in choosing the models.

Some of my readers ask me, “Lindsay, do I really need a vacuum cleaner?”

Well, I’d say YES- and here is Why You Need A Vacuum Cleaner (and Why a Broom Just Won’t Work!).

To make your life easier, I’ve made up a list of personal tips on how to choose that best vacuum cleaner.

TIP 1: Choose a Model That Works Well With Carpet AND Floor

Most vacuum cleaners today can work on both surfaces, but people still make the mistake of choosing a vacuum that cannot work on both surfaces. What a waste of money! If you have hard floors (tile or wood), canister works best because it’s more versatile. Or, if you clean a lot of carpet, then go for upright models (they have stronger suction power). I have to tell you that stronger power may mean using up more electric energy.

TIP 2: Your Vacuum Must Have Good Filtration System

I am sensitive to dust and that’s why this is very important for me. But, even if you have high dust-tolerance, you need a good vacuum that works against dust, pollen, allergens. Most vacuums today have a few types of filter (standard, lifetime, S Class, and HEPA). If you or anyone at home has asthma, S Class and HEPA works best because it traps 100{8938b86d4c6ba6c3a2d8b9b13ff2d8152b0bc10c3dc7e2491988460c3f47b1de} allergen. The more sophisticated the filtration system, the more you need to fork out for the vacuum.

TIP 3: Check Out the Small Details

Have you ever bought something without trying to see how it fits? Well, that’s the last mistake anyone should make. When choosing your vacuum, explore the model. Touch, see, feel, and see whether it’s adjustable (to fit your posture and height). What about the weight? It’ll be difficult to lug around a heavy model. The wheels should let you move it on almost any surface without much difficulty. What about the cord length? Is it convenient for you to reach most parts of the house without need to switch power socket?

TIP 4: If You Can’t Work The Switches, Forget It.

As good as the vacuum may be, it’s quite pointless if you find it difficult to operate. If you need to look for the right buttons and adjust settings every time you use it, then it’s just not worth the time and effort. In short, it must be user-friendly!

TIP 5: Can You Get Replacements and Buy Accessories Easily?

If your vacuum breaks down, can you get it fixed without much problem? Some vacuum parts are so rare you need to wait for ages to get a replacement part. Some people fail to consider this. Similar to car purchase- it’s just too costly and difficult to get spare parts for some cars (not worth the time/money/effort). You need to choose a vacuum that can be easily replaced/ fixed.

To keep you vacuum in good condition and use it longer, here are 4 Ways to Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner in Tip Top Condition. Go back to my Top Vacuum Cleaner main page for more vacuum cleaner reviews or go to my post here for carpet cleaner reviews.

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