Best Vacuum Cleaner – Introduction

Hi, welcome to my Best Vacuum Cleaner reviews blog. My friends admired my house for how clean it is, and often they would wonder aloud how I manage to keep it that way all the time with three kids and a dog roaming around the house. Even my hubby sometimes wonder how I fit cleaning into my busy schedule. Then when I start telling them all about my favorite types of vacuum cleaners, how to choose the best vacuum cleaner and so on, my friends go ooh and aah and ask me which one they should buy, and my husband said, “why don’t you write a blog about it?” And that’s how this blog came to be. :)

Ok, since this is my first post, why don’t we start with some sort of introduction? I suppose we all know what a vacuum cleaner is (the first vacuum cleaner go as far back as 150 years ago!). But do we all know how many types of vacuum cleaners there are, and which one is suitable for our homes?


The basic principle of the vacuum cleaner is this: it uses an air pump to make what is called a “partial vacuum” inside the appliance so that dirt can be sucked up the hose into it. Then the dirt ends up in a dustbag or cyclone, so that you can get rid of it afterward. All vacuum cleaners work like this, but they come in different types and here are the more common ones for home use:

  • Canister vacuum cleaner (cylinder vacuum) – the motor and dustbag come in a canister unit, and the dust is sucked through a flexible hose. Different kinds of vacuum heads can be attached.
  • Upright vacuum cleaner – the cleaning head is attached to the handle and bag. It uses a brushroll or beater to remove dust by sweeping or beating it up.
  • Hand-held vacuum cleaner – small sized vacuum cleaners for cleaning up small spills. Usually battery operated.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaner – these vacuum cleaners move by its own, going around the house in a random pattern, removing dust as it goes.

The canister type is popular for the easier maneuverability of its cleaning head. This means it can clean hard to reach areas, corners and crevices where upright vacuums can’t. But the upright vacuum cleaners are more effective because of the beater or brushroll, and they are good carpet cleaners as well.

If you have hardwood or tiled floor and can’t spend time even for vacuuming, the robotic vacuum cleaners are the best solution. These flattish, plate-like little robots vacuum your floors on their own without you having to monitor them.

In my opinion, vacuum cleaners are one of the best things men invented for us housewives, but they probably did it for their own good (they’ll have cleaner houses as a result!). :) Well, I have more to share about how to choose the best vacuum cleaner and the best vacuum cleaners reviews in this blog, so check them out here.

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