Cheap Vacuum Cleaners – Find the Best One in Under $200

Cheap Vacuum Cleaners - Find the Best One in Under $200

Last updated: July 17, 2019

Cheap vacuum cleaners will clean your home as good as some of the more expensive ones. But in order to choose the right one you have to watch out for few details that we will cover in this article and we will show you the best cheap vacuum cleaners with and without bags that you can buy under $200.

Cheap Vacuum Cleaner: 3 Things to take into consideration

Even cheap vacuum cleaners can keep your apartment clean if you buy the right model. Three things are particularly important:

Suction Performance:

If you have carpet or dents in your wooden floor, your should choose vacuum with high suction performance.


You should know which type of vacuum cleaner suits you the best. Lightweight cleaners are more comfortable when vacuuming as these are easy to carry around while big vacuums have larger containers that you don’t have to clean often. Also you should take length cable into account. Sometimes manufacturers save on cable and you often have to change sockets while cleaning.


Various nozzles and brushes are really useful while cleaning remote areas and small corners or to clear pads of dust. If you have allergies than you should consider buying a cleaner that comes with HEPA-13 filter. Basically a dust cleaner with high dust emission class is recommended in order to have as little dust in the air as possible.

Small issues with buying cheap vacuum cleaner

Cheap vacuum cleaners are usually the loudest ones. You might not care but your neighbors or roommates might have issues with it. You also have to be ready to accept other issues and drawbacks of cheap vacuum cleaners like the plastic that scratches and brakes more easily that the more expensive models.

The Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaners under $200 Reviews

We reviewed over 100 models and we bring you top 3 cheap vacuum cleaners that we would recommend for you to buy in 2019:

Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass

Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass Review

In the field of hard floor cleaners, the Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass wet and dry vacuum cleaner is one of the most interesting and also the most popular devices, as can be seen on Amazon. He sucks, wipes and dries not only the classic hard floor variants such as laminate or tiles, but also carpet.

Through this multifunctionality even with carpets he offers in everyday life a high added value compared to many other hard floor cleaners. A standard wet vacuum usually has its problems with hard floors as well. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass and see what else this has to offer.

Performance and functions

This wet and dry vacuum makes 560 watts and is thus slightly above the other presented here devices. It offers two different cleaning settings that can be changed at any time:

• Hard floor
• Carpet

Strictly speaking, this device is therefore not a “pure” hard floor cleaner, but a practical extension of this device class. The extra brush roll scrubs and washes floors so that they can shine again in new splendor. The vacuum cleaner can be operated intuitively via the digital control.

An LED on the foot lights up when you press the shutter button. The swivel head (swivels up to 60 degrees) allows you to confidently maneuver around obstacles or corners. Dirty water and detergent-water mixture are separated from each other via the Two Tank system.

Shark Navigator Deluxe

Shark Navigator Deluxe

Shark navigator deluxe is really powerful yet lightweight vacuum cleaner that comes just under $200. Triple Particle cleaning system. In addition, a pet brush is also supplied directly. Ideally, a wall mount is also included, with the help of which the device can also be stored in a space-saving and safe manner.

The vacuum cleaner develops an enormously high suction force, especially at the highest level, which should even be so high that you first have to get used to it in order to finally control it.

A bit annoying, however, is the high volume and the disturbing frequency. This certainly could have been solved a lot better by the manufacturer. In addition, the dust container is also quite small. On carpets this model performers with great results and thus gets a lot out of the floor legers.

It comes with Anti Allergen complete seal technology and hepa filter which contains 99.9 of the allergens inside the vacuum and its really must have for someone dealing with allergies.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning with Swivel Steering and Car Detail Set (HV302)

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagles Review

Another Shark on our top 3 list of cheap cleaners. The Shark Rocket is a vacuum cleaner with DuoClean technology and it comes with our targeted price of under $200.

Equipment and special features

The vacuum cleaner, which is in gray and orange, weighs just under 8 pounds and has the Triple Particle cleaning system. In addition, the Pet Power brush is particularly suitable for pet owners. It goes on to say that the Shark Rocket Stick vacuum cleaner has both a very long cable and an optimized rotary joint control as well as LED lights. Thanks to the slim size and subtle wall hooks, the Shark Rocket Stick vacuum cleaner can be installed in the wall mount, which will store the device optimally.

Handling, processing and suction result

According to performance in our tests, the Shark Rocket Stick vacuum cleaner is both lightweight and quite handy, as well as equipped with strong suction power as well as various accessories. In addition, customers find it positive that no more garbage bags are needed. Also we notices that its quite easy to assamble .

Differences between Expensive and Cheap Vacuum

Why do some products cost more than others? I’ve asked this myself when shopping for my first vacuum. I personally like buying cheap or moderately priced products. But, if the product is really good, I won’t mind spending more for it. I think it’s only fair that the price should match the quality and value of product. At the end of the day, isn’t it true that we all want to feel that we’ve made a good buy and we’re satisfied with what we bought? (Read my post on 5 Tips How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner).

When it comes to buying vacuum, what features do you look into? Does price matter? I think so. I’ll explain why in the next 4 points:

Material Used to Manufacture Vacuum is Important
Your vacuum may be made of plastic with a combination of stronger material (acrylic). A simple way to check the plastic quality is by gently tapping the surface of your vacuum. You can tell it’s made of low quality plastic when it emits a high pitch tap sound when you gently tap on it. Good plastic releases a solid thud sound and you can be sure that it won’t break easily even when hit against something hard. Naturally, vacuum with better built cost much more.

I’ve bought different types of vacuum and I’ve observed that those with better built can cost twice as much, but they also last longer. Well, there are also cases where the opposite is true (cheap models last longer) but to buy a good model, you got to do your research thoroughly. I’d recommend Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner for those looking for a good but cheap vacuum.

The Type of Filtration Matters
The price of a vacuum increases significantly depending on the type of filter system used. More expensive filters include HEPA or S Class. These sophisticated filters trap allergen effectively, leaving the house clean and allergen-free. I’ve mentioned in my post (5 Tips How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner) that it’s important to choose a vacuum with good filter. You’d want to live in a dust-free environment and breathe cleaner air at the same time.

Suction Power and Overall Performance
Generally, it’s good to choose a vacuum that works on both carpet and floor. Most people also have the habit of owning two vacuums – one for thorough house cleaning and the other for quick touch-ups. If you want to do the same, invest in a good model with excellent suction for the one you do thorough cleaning with.

Consider the reviews on my blog and choose a model that suits you best. In any case, it’s best to choose models with excellent performance for both models. However if that’s not possible, then settle for a cheap but reasonably good model to do your light-duty cleaning.

Money Spent = Time Saved?
I personally think this is true. Take robotic vacuum or example, I may have spent a huge sum on it but I consider it worthwhile because of the time saved. I don’t have to clean the house myself – I have a mini robot to take care of that for me! So, whether you are willing to spend more money to save time, it’s a matter of personal preference and logical reasoning. I’d say if you can afford it, why not?

Also, check out my posts on 4 Ways to Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner in Tip Top Condition and Why You Need A Vacuum Cleaner (and Why a Broom Just Won’t Work!). Go back to my TopVacuumCleaner main page for more vacuum cleaner reviews or go to my post here for carpet cleaner reviews.

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