Why You Need A Vacuum Cleaner (and Why a Broom Just Won’t Work!)

Before vacuums became popular, broom was the only thing I had to count on for my chores. Not that it’s bad, but I was secretly wishing that someone would come up with better ways for housekeeping. Maybe someone can design a machine that cleans my floors so well I don’t have to deal with the dust. Anything besides the traditional broom and mop method is an improvement for me.

Why won’t a broom work? Well, read on and see if you agree with me.

(1) Cleaning With a Broom Takes Ages

Whenever I want to sweep the floor, I dread using a broom. It takes up much more time because I sweep in such a way to reduce the amount of dust that goes up in the air (hey, I’ll sneeze!). Then, after sweeping comes the mopping part. I take up another hour just to do that. Usually, I can’t spare that much time. With my kids running late for classes (plus I don’t have a helper), I just find it hard to do both. That’s why I need a vacuum cleaner. One that works on both wet and dry surfaces would be great. Otherwise, a machine that gets rid of dust (and allergen) seems good enough for me.

(2) When the Sweeping Stops, the Dust Is Still There

Sweeping alone isn’t enough because the dust that rises up to the air will eventually settle on floor. That’s why I always need to mop right after. Working with a vacuum cleaner cuts down the hassle. I clean more effectively because there is a filter system in the machine that absorbs allergens. I don’t have to worry about collecting settled dust. Isn’t that just great?

(3) You Cannot Clean Your Carpet with a Broom

No one cleans their carpet with a broom- it’s just impossible! A broom can only be used on hard floors and not on carpets. And I know that carpets accumulate dust very quickly. So, if you have carpeting at home, you surely need a vacuum cleaner. Check out my thoughts on 5 Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner.

(4) Everyone Likes a Good Product

Well, there is a simple and clear reason why vacuums are more popular than brooms these days- it’s a great product! It saves time and is easy to use. With a little more money, you get a machine that lets you finish your cleaning chore in half the time. It’s like having a personal helper to do your chores. Getting the vacuum cleaner was one of my best purchases. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the extra time I get to spend with my kids after I finish my chores quickly. And for the first time in my life, I worry less. I know that the vacuum cleaner will do a good job for me.

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